Signs, signs ANYwhere a sign

Sometimes, the simplest task can be daunting. Getting a liquor license? That was a breeze. People were very helpful and happy to help. Putting up a building? Ok, that sucked, but we got it done with a lot of help from friends. Putting up signs to get people to COME TO the winery... all I can say is Damn! Right of ways / setbacks / permission / control / etc... I cannot believe how dificult it is to get a sign up. That's not the township, it's the County. It's not the County, it's a third-party entity. Third-party entity: Sure, we'll have it up in 6 MONTHS. SIX MONTHS??? AND I need to pay the first 2 years of the contract up front. AND I need to qualify under some obscure category. For goodness sake, can we PLEASE get rid of this red tape? I don't have the time it takes to jump through these hoops. ALL I WANT IS TO PUT UP A FEW SIGNS. There, I'll breathe now.

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