Fantastic 1000 Islands Wine & Food show in Brockville, Ontario

We had the pleasure of being at the 1000 Islands Wine & Food show in Brockville, Ontario this weekend. While it is a relatively young (3 years) and small (3000 visitors), it is by far our FAVOURITE show of the circuit. The organizers were focussed, attentive and incredibly helpful. The visitors were well-mannered and there was not a single incident in 2 days. I saw 1 Police officer walking through the place. Not carrying or escorting someone in handcuffs... just walking through, smiling. Good on you Brockville!! We're already planning next year's trip back. If you are looking for a wine and food show that is affordable ($10 to get in) and accessible (aisles are not jammed) and civilized (even the drunk people behaved themselves) then you need to mark this festival in your calendar. Visit Brockville, stay the Friday/Saturday night and get a dose of history. Excellent restaurants abound, this is a wonderful place to just relax, well deserving of your travel dollars.

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