Sunday mornings off

It's not about beliefs or such, but breaks are always welcome... at least they are when you initiate them. For us, that would be Sunday morning. Working a full-time job along with the winery can tax the system, so I look forward to those Sunday mornings when my body still feels compelled to wake up at 6 AM, regardless of when I went to bed, to making a nice cup of coffee (complete with Bailey's Irish Creme) and soaking in the hot tub (Conference Room "H"). I love watching the sunrise and listening to the birds. There are no lawn mowers running and just the occasional car. An hour of this and it resets my mind for the coming week. Opening at noon on Sunday was not necessarily the best business decision (I sometimes have people waiting at the gate), but it certainly helps quell the mind and body. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Louis Gaal is the winemaker (and spouse of the ever patient Claire Faguy) at Blue Gypsy Wines in Oxford Mills, Ontario Canada, 45 minutes south of Ottawa. You can find this raving lunatic using the BlueGypsyWines Facebook or Twitter account. Visit them on the web as well at

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