Let the winemaking madness begin as soon as...

It's one of those weeks where I feel like Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh; running around in circles trying to get everything organized. It's time to start making the 2012 wild blueberry wine, but the production room still needs some work. I have buckets and barrels in there because I haven't had the time to finish the cold room yet. As a business analyst/project manager (in the job that actually pays the bills), I like to have a plan. Well, several really. In the project management world, there are things called dependancies. This means that before you can do task X, you need to complete task Y. It also takes into account how long a task will take to complete. For example, it takes a minimum of 3 consecutive passes for your well to be certified potable. That means at least 3 weeks. I always thought it made sense to finish the production area before the cold room, but I am quickly beginning to see the error of that decision. Looks like that plan is going to switch around a bit, if only to make some room! I believe I will concentrate on the cold room. Once the cold room is 'done' I can move the barrels in there and free up space in the production area, which will allow me to finish the walls without having to perform gold medal gymnastics. You think jumping around with a ribbon is tough? Try it while holding a 4 X 8 sheet of gyproc... On the upside, I've discovered that I'm a lot more flexible than I previously thought. Once the walls are done, I can actually move production into the production room. Of course, visitors do seem to like seeing the barrels percolating away in the tasting room. Still, it will be nice to have things in order. At least I will be able to throw open those doors and conduct tours. Ah, back to work.

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