Whirlwind of Activity Ushers in 2017

Well then... a moment to breathe!  Let's catch up.

It has been a fantastic start to the 2017 season for Blue Gypsy Wines with unprecedented orders from the LCBO, pending acceptance of our wine cases into the Ontario Grocery Store program, and of course, new signs on Highway 416 and County Road 43 bringing new customers to the door.

It all started in April when we did a sampling for the LCBO Eastern Regional Office quarterly meeting.  We were able to provide samples to 35 managers.  Imagine my shock when we got home to orders for over 70 cases!

The patio is open.  Soon, lattice will be added to the roof which will provide shade.  Next year, corrugated vinyl or fiberglass will be added to provide a permanent, waterproof covering.

We've been uncluttering the general area to make room for the additional fermentation vats that we will need to meet the demands.  It's hard to imagine that after only 5 years of operation, we will go from having started making 1000 litres of wine to a project 12000 to 15000 this year.  It boggles the mind!

On the horizon, planning has started for the new winery building which we hope to construct in the next 2 years.  You see, we want to start hosting events indoors where we are not weather dependent.  The winery will be on the ground floor and we will live above it.  There are many advantages to this, including that we will be able to open all week.  More on that to come.

Look for Claire at local Farmers' markets this summer!

That's everything for now.  Remember, for the most up-to-date information about the winery, please visit the Facebook site.  We are also on Twitter and Instagram.

Claire and Louis

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