At Blue Gypsy wines we firmly believe in the try before you buy method. We help our customers to make a well informed choice before spending any money. For that reason we offer wine tasting sessions at our farm located in Oxford Mills. At this tasting we will let you sample all of our available wines as well as discuss the possible pairings.

Tastings are $5 per person and include a keepsake wine glass with the Blue Gypsy Wines logo.  Please contact us if you have any questions, we look forward to seeing you soon!

On the road tasting shows

Have a special event where you would like to add something special?  We can bring our Travelling Tasting Show to your location.

The cost is $150 for up to 12 people.  Additional guests are $15 per person.

We will go to your location and pour 30 ml samples of each of our wines.  You'll hear stories about the wines, as well as some of the possible food pairings for you and your guests.  A tasting typically lasts 2 hours.

Any open bottles not used during the tasting are left with the hosts.  Please note that hosts are responsible for purchasing the appropriate Special Occasion (No Sale) Permit from the LCBO and providing any desired food (We will be happy to provide suggestions).   Shows outside the Ottawa region may cost extra to cover fuel costs; please contact us for details. 

While we are prohibited by law from selling wine to your guests at the party, we can provide ordering information and forms.  If your guests would like to order wine from us and take delivery at your event, no extra shipping costs will be added.

Guests who sample wine must be 19 years of age or older.  By law, we are obligated to refuse service to any guest who is intoxicated.